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Literary Index Neue Schubert-Ausgabe

Literature for Franz Schubert’s Life and Works

The Schubert Bibliography

The Literature Index of the New Schubert-Ausgabe (LISA) lists scholarly literature about Franz Schubert’s life and works.

This Bibliography has been developed since 1965 as a tool for the Edition of Schubert’s Works in the context of the New Schubert-Ausgabe. This tool contains only the literature that is available in the Archive of the editorial office in Tübingen, Germany or for which a bibliography is available.

The editorial office guarantees neither the completeness of the literature catalogue nor the accuracy of the entries.

Searching in LISA

  • Access the Main Menu and enter a Last Name, Text, or Keyword in the Search field in the upper right hand corner.
  • Literature for specific Works, Genres, Names, Locations, etc. can be found with the Keyword Search.
  • Numbers from the Otto Erich Deutsch Catalogue should be searched for with the # sign. For example, # 328 corresponds D 328!
  • More information on individual books, essays, and music scores are provided with the full title. Every record contains a complete bibliographic description of the title under the link “Citation.”

On-Site Research

The Tübingen Schubert Archive is a reference library and is not connected to the national or international Inter-Library Loan System. On-Site research is possible for justifiable academic interest and with a personal advance notification.

To the New Schubert-Ausgabe

Your Help is Important to Us

LISA is continually amended, expanded, and corrected. We are aware that individual titles are incomplete and are possibly erroneously documented. Therefore, we would appreciate all tips and suggestions – including new titles.


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