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Janet Wolff, Death and the maiden: Does semiotics justify murder?, in: Critical quarterly 35 (1993), Nr. 2 , S. 38-44.
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Verfasser Janet Wolff
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Dokumententitel: Death and the maiden: Does semiotics justify murder?
In: Critical quarterly
Seite:38-44   Spalte/Seite: Seite
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Bemerkung: Abstract:
The article presents an examination into the semiotic analysis of stories, particularly focusing on the depiction of women's deaths in film, connecting the narratives with the musical accompaniment paired with them. Topics addressed include the use of Franz Schubert's music to foreshadow death in the film "Crimes and Misdemeanors," the theories of Elisabeth Bronfen in her book "Over Her Dead Body," and the death of the title character Carmen in Georges Bizet's opera. (2017-05)
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